What Type of Student Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

I know that I can’t be the only person that lives by my horoscope. I check it every day when I open my phone. I love reading about myself and my friends' signs. 

There is much debate about the best sign of them all, and there is also a debate on which college student is the best one. 

I have a theory that your star sign and your college life go hand in hand. People tend to try and hide the negatives things about themselves in college, and sometimes that turns out poorly. 

The star signs are here to help you in life, and that includes college. Let the stars guide you, and I hope bright blessings come to you.

Aquarius- Those born under this air sign tend to be a bit counter-active toward themselves. They fear limits so they fight for equality whether it be on a test, in the class when a student is wronged, or just in life in general. The major that is most common for this star sign is anything in the justice field as they are blessed with the ability to see both sides of an argument. It is a good idea to befriend an Aquarius as they value their friends, but also seek time alone as well. 

Pisces- The Pisces star sign showers its people with the desire to do things alone, and to float along in life relatively pleased with whatever occurs as long as it is moral. The sign has an affinity for being easy-going, but feisty when angered or wronged. The student that has this sign will be one of your best friends, and the best person you know. However, it is wise to tread cautiously when the sign is angered.  The sign also has a fault for being overly-trusting so use that as you will, but you should know that a Virgo is not far behind them. 

Aries- Aries tend to be hot-headed and rather stubborn people overall. This translates to the student being stubborn in class and failing to ask for help even when it is clear that it is needed. Aries college students will work and work until the issue is resolved, no matter the difficulty. Aries students are determined to reach their goal whatever it may be so watch out if you want to beat an Aries in an academic war. 

Taurus- With college being a sudden but expected change, one should expect those born under this star sign to be a bit frazzled at first sight for a few days after school starts. The star sign allows its people to be very committed to a project no matter the size, and those that have this sign are one of the best people to meet as friends no matter who you are. It would not be a wise choice to wrong a student of this sign as they are known for their revenge schemes coming to light. Watch your back, or your grades, if you fault a student or teacher of this sign. 

Gemini- This star sign has an awful reputation about being two-faced, and those that claim this sign are no different in the matter. People tend to be wary of those with this sign, and they do not give their trust easily. College kids with this sign are most likely to be alone or with one friend. Those that are alone are not happy as this sign has a hatred of solitude. They enjoy people, friends, and romantic partners of any variety. The sign, while can be misjudged, is one of the most straightforward signs. 

Cancer- You know those people that just tend to wear their hearts on their sleeves? They most likely belong to this sign. People under this sign tend to be overly emotional, and they hold their trust as the most prized possession. It would be a very ill-thought-out plan to wrong someone of this sign as their emotions reign high. 

Leo- Leo children hold themselves to a rather high standard. They are constantly looking to improve an area of their lives, and they will do anything to achieve it. Leo and Aries are both fire signs which means that while they may clash, they will always come back together. This pair makes for fast friends and brilliant competitive rivals. Watch out when challenging them on a test or quiz. 

Virgo- Those that call this sign home are very intellectual. They hold their hearts on guard so do not assume to win their favor fast if that’s your goal. As students, they may seem silent but rest assured they are taking notes for later. There isn’t anything that goes unnoticed by a Virgo, and they are assured nothing happens for a reason. When you fail that test, do not go to a Virgo for sympathy. 

Libra- Libra and Aries students tend to be one and the same in terms of ability and friendships. Libra students tend to have a large friend group, and they are rather indecisive when asked whom their favorite friend would be in the group. When pressured, the sign is fair-minded and has the ability to see both sides of the issue to come to a logical agreement which is convenient as they tend to be friends with fellow fire signs. Libras are awesome people to have in your corner. 

Scorpio- Scorpio students are the ones that are pleased to hear a research paper was assigned. They love to find out new information, and they are very decisive people. They can be emotional at times, but you are never to underestimate their leadership qualities. These people value honesty above all else so do not get offended if you are not trusted quickly by them. They mean well.

Sagittarius- Sagittarius students are very open-minded people, and they are able to find a friend in anyone. They love to travel so your friend may look for an exchange student program to satisfy their needs. They are fiercely loyal, and one of the best friends to the fellow fire signs. 

Capricorn- Capricorn students will be some of the smartest people you will ever meet. They value time and responsibility for all things. While they do tend to do very well in school, they are tempted to come off as know-it-alls or stuck up people. This Earth sign is one of the most down to earth people you will meet. They will do anything to lend a hand to someone in need, and they do not hesitate to call someone out on their faults. 

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