Drugs Stole My Heart

Drugs Stole My Heart

There was once a time when if someone asked me if I would love a man addicted to drugs, I would have laughed in their face. If someone asked me that now, I would probably be unable to speak.

We started our journey together almost four years ago now. Looking back on it, the start was perfect for us. We had met years before with you instantly being smitten with me. It took me longer to see the charm that you had. I never would have dreamed I would fall in love with you if you would have asked me on the day we met.

Our love began innocently enough. You had loved me for years, and I had just revealed my feelings for you. You were sweet, funny, and you treated me like a queen. I simply adored you. That all was soon to take a turn for the worst.

Our first year together brought on lies, cheating on your part, and lots of crying on mine. We made it through after all that. Then came the second year. That was the year that you decided to start to do drugs. It really wasn’t bad at first. It was a hobby, and you said you could stop if you wanted. I trusted you.

Flash forward to the last two years, you got addicted to those drugs, and even got me to try it once or twice. It wasn't for me so I stopped. You never did. You started doing other kinds of drugs. You started keeping a list of things you did that I wasn’t allowed to do. You changed into a drug addict that I was hopelessly in love with. I stayed with you through all that.

There was one night when I begged you to stop. You were not the same person I fell in love with. The thought of leaving you killed me. To this day, thinking of me hurting you makes my chest tight. I made you pick me or the drugs. You said you would stop, and we could be okay again. That’s all I wanted. I always only ever wanted you. You lied to me. You didn’t stop. You hid it from me. Staying with you was going to kill me.

So I left you. I still can’t think of you and not fight back tears. You were the first person to love me for me, and Divine knows I loved you. I just hope that the drugs were worth it. So after all that we went through, I lost you, the first person I ever loved. Worse than that, I lost myself.

You held my heart, Drugs held yours

Six Years You Had Me, Not Anymore

I spent six years of my life with you, hoping and praying that one day you would choose me. I lost a lot of friends and family because of my love for you. Most people say to just leave that person, but how can you when everything you ever wanted is standing in front of you?

Since writing the start of this article, a lot of time has passed. I felt the need to come to update it. I am happy now. You never cross my mind, and I am not even sure where in this world you are now. I found new friends that care deeply for me. I found a place I can call home with people who love me. A man came into my life about three months after I left you. He is now the person I get to call my husband one day. This man is everything you weren't and never will be. He is kind, caring, smart, funny, and most of all, he loves me. I never question where I stand with him, and I don't spend my days worrying about if he will leave me for some high. He is mine forever.

I suppose I should thank you. If you had chosen me, I would not be where I am today. Three years ago, I left you and thought my world was ending. Today, I am happy with my life, and I have people that really care about me. Thank you for choosing the drugs over me. If you didn't, I wouldn't have found my home in this amazing man.


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