A Letter To The College Student

Dear college student, 

College has been going on now for about two-three months depending on your school. Now is about the time where many students are at the point of no return when it comes to motivation for classes or grades. 

Students have a rough time during their first semester at college. There are quite a few reasons for that, but one of the main causes is the new environment that the students are thrust into without much preparation. Another large factor for the students is homesickness. 

Of course, that only applies to the students lucky enough to live in a dorm environment. College students that commute to campus do not have the issue of homesickness like their counterparts that live on campus. Students that commute to college have other sets of problems, though.

Students that drive to college every day have the luxury of returning to their childhood rooms and beds every night. However, it is not all sunshine and rainbows when you factor in drive time from home for most of these students. Morning traffic is the worst, and you can’t forget that most freshmen have 8 a.m. classes.

College students, dorm or not, are all forced to adapt to new people, places, teachers, and so much more. After eating lunch with the same people every day for years, the thought of sitting alone is awful.

Not everyone from high school will attend the same college as the one you decided upon. That means saying goodbye to your best friend of twelve years before he/she moves away to a new school and ultimately a new life. College students must deal with change quickly.

Change is something that is frowned on in today’s society to the point where changing your hair color can cause some people panic attacks. Changed is so feared that people would rather stay in horrid situations rather than leave to change their life for the better. Change and college go hand in hand. 

One of the new changes students face is the classes that are taught. Back in high school, everyone knew how that one teacher taught while here you don't know anything about these people. Students that were once honor kids are facing failure head-on because of a change in how they are taught. 

Students must adapt to fit the college life. There are students that have never seen someone drunk, or students that were raised in crack houses. Now all of a sudden they are cast out into this place full of every type of person one could think. 

There will be students that drink. Some students will love the party life a bit too much. The library will always be full of students that are way to focused on work to have fun. The cheerleaders will be smart and always stressed in the fall semester. Band kids are always tired and annoyed in their 8:30 classes from lack of sleep. 

While some students take things too seriously, there will be those that are in the middle of the spectrum. Some students will like to go out and have fun while still passing all the classes. There will be those band, cheerleaders, and football players that graduate with high marks because of sheer determination.

One thing college has taught me is that you should never go in thinking you know what will happen. I started college with people that are no longer in my life that I would have sworn would always be with me. Things change. People aren’t always who they say they are. 

I wish that everyone will go to college with an open mind. You can make so many friends you never expected. The people you meet will be some of the best in your life from that point on. 


a college student

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