Wilted Flowers

Wilted Flowers
Wilted flowers are things of beauty.
Once loved, once needed
Like a true love long gone and forgotten
Now passed by just as that love was lost,
Wilted flowers are as I am,
Lost in a world of love and tragedy
And searching for a place to belong

Words on a page become what I feel
The words speak my thoughts
Just as pictures, show what
Wilted flowers once were

Words are what I once was
In a former life, with you by my side
I will squeeze my heart
To piece it back together,
Wilted flowers will grow,
Sand will turn to glass

And I will think of words that I will never write
Reminiscing on a time that once was desired
Now that has turned to wilted flowers
Flowers to dust and dust to sand
Sand to diamonds, Diamonds to the heart


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