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How I Got Out Of My Own Way

How I Got Out Of My Own Way

Like many of us, I’ve always dreamed of having the kind of life where I could travel the world and make tons of money in my sleep. I’d legit daydream about it every single day as a teenager. When I became an adult something changed within me. I no longer felt like I could achieve that life. How the heck was I going to get there? It seemed impossible.

So many of you are going through the same thing. You don’t feel like you’re good enough and you don’t feel like you’re worthy. Truth is you’re standing in your own way and that’s the reason you can’t achieve anything. I had to learn how to move forward and I’ll help you too by telling you exactly how I got out of my own way.

I LET GO OF FEAR To get out of your own way something needs to change. There is something going on in your mind and whatever that is needs to be shifted. 

My “thing” was fear and that fear was standing between me and my dreams. It was time to let that fear go. So one day I sat down and made a li…

Why You Need To Fail Sometimes

Here’s Why Sometimes You Need To Fail
When I was a teenager I would watch these incredibly successful people on TV. In my mind, I’d be like “I’m gonna be like them one day.” They were superheroes in my eyes and I was just amazed at how quickly many of them like Oprah Winfrey and Veronica Roth rose to success. At least, that’s how it looked to me.
I only saw where they were at the moment of success. In all honesty, I never saw the behind the scenes stuff. It wasn’t until I started building my own business last year that I realized that sometimes you just need to fail. If you’re looking at me with a very puzzled look on your face that’s absolutely fine. Let me explain exactly why I say this.

YOU LEARN WHAT DOESN’T WORK Society has really tried their best to show us that failure is absolutely unacceptable. If you fail, you’re a horrible person and you’ll never have the kind of life you’ve always wanted.
I simply don’t agree.
To me, there is no such thing as a “failure”. I believe that you neve…

19 Things I Wish I Knew Before College

19 Things I Wish I Knew Before College
College has been some of the best and worst times of my life. I would not trade these past few months for anything. I made great new friends, let go of insanely toxic people, and got more comfortable with myself than I ever was before I came to my school. 

Here are 19 things I wish I knew before college.

Don’t be afraid to talk to people. People from high school don’t have to follow you to college. College is so different from high school in every way. You will most likely get lost on the first day, and that’s okay. Don't be scared to ask for directions to buildings.  You can sit alone at lunch, and no one will care so you shouldn’t either. Most people are as nervous as you. Friends will come when it’s time for them too. Don’t worry if you don’t meet your soulmate in the first few months. Most don’t. I haven’t. High school relationships should stay in high school, learned that the hard way.

The Life Of A YouTuber

The Life Of A YouTuber

Where do you go to look at a funny video your friend showed you? Most likely the answer is YouTube.
YouTube has been around since 2005, and it has changed how we see the world and entertainment.

Anyone can rise to fame with the help of viewers and subscribers.
Those that love to share what they love are the ones making videos for the world to see.
You can find almost everything on YouTube.
You will also find the nicest, talented, and passionate people alive a click away. 

YouTubers seem to have it all, right? They have fame, followers, fans, money, and more.
But there is a secret. YouTubers don't have it easy.
They spend hours and/or days editing videos, doing retakes, and hoping that it turns out okay.

Their fans that they love so much are always counting on them to have the best content out there.
YouTubers aren’t allowed to have a bad day or week. 

If they do not post a video at least once a week or more, the fans they love leave them.
They suffer through thous…

Women Can Be In Tech Too

Women can be in Tech
There is an old saying that the nerd in school will go on to be the CEO of a huge company and make millions. However, that nerd is always portrayed to be a male. What about all of the female nerds out there that want to be the CEO?

Most of the time girls are told that they need to focus on their looks and trying to find a man to do everything for them. There is and has always been a “Glass Ceiling” for women that want to pursue a career. That is simply not fair and should be remedied at all costs.

One industry that is huge right now in the tech fields filled with smartphones, computers, Virtual Reality, smartwatches, and more. That field is mostly male, and it has always been that way. Those males will make a good amount of money. Why can’t women do the same?

Women have the same ability to do the same things as men when it comes to the careers that they chose to take for themselves. If a girl wants to go into the technology field, she must be prepared to deal with a …

Dear Blind Girl

Dear blind girl,

You aren't alone. There are lots of girls like you. 

You look around, and all you see are girls that are beautiful.

You see girls that walk around like the own the world or have it all.

Well, guess what? They don't have it all. No one does.

Those girls may be beautiful. But so are you. You just can't see it.

You walk around and see all these girls with their perfect hair and makeup.

Well, guess what? They don't look like that naturally. 

No girl looks perfect. Know why? There is no perfect. 

Perfect is different to everyone that has a thought in their head.

Some girls see perfect as getting all the boys. That's not what beauty means. 

And dear blind girl, please don't let a boy tell you how to look.

A boy will tell you to change everything about yourself to please him. Don't. 

The right boy will tell you not to change a thing. You are perfect the way you are. You are you.

You may not be the girl that always has a boyfriend. 

You may not be the girl that h…

Time To Stand Out

In life, there will always be the "in" crowd. There will always be that popular group of people. No matter what part of your life you are in, there will always be the “in” crowd. 

In life, you will find that some people get things handed to them. They don't even have to work at anything it seems. It's not fair right? How can you stand it against them? 

There will always be someone that seems to have it better off than you. The world is full of people that don't have to fight for what they have. They are considered lucky.
Those people will stand out because the temptation to flaunt their wealth is too strong. You may know them for how they act. 

They will stand out as having an attitude that's better than everyone else. That's not always true. 

They aren't always the person that is horrid to everyone else. Sometimes, people just get lucky. Fate was on their side. They are the lucky ones.

Not everyone finds it so easy to stand out. Some people are used to be…