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Doss Wireless Speaker Review

Doss Wireless Speaker Review Do you have a wireless headset, earphones, or anything else with no wires? Wireless technology is everywhere we turn these days. One of the most common wireless products is the wireless speaker. Everyone that I know has one, and none of them is the same brand. With all the brands out there, how can you decide which one to get? Most wireless speakers range heavily in price. The majority of the speakers are expensive with great quality, or they are cheaper with a much lesser quality sound or build. I have discovered a wireless speaker that is affordable with a great sound, and it has the reviews and ratings to back it up with almost ten thousand reviews and a four-star rating on Amazon. Let me introduce you to the Doss Wireless Speaker. My personal recommendation is the Doss Wireless Speaker. It has all sorts of features like touch screen, BlueTooth, really great bass, and the sound quality is one of the best I ever heard from such an affordable speaker.  The spe…

Geekoto 38W Ring Light Review

Geekoto 38W Ring Light Review I have been in the market for a ring light that is made solely for the purpose of attaching to my phone. A lot of my friends either have one or were in the market for one just like me. I was online one day a few weeks ago and saw I had an email notification. The company Geekoto had reached out to me. They wanted me to review their ring light. Since I was already in the market for a ring light, I took them up on their offer. Flash forward a few days, the light had arrived. I was promised it was built for the sole purpose of fitting a phone. Upon further inspection, I found that was true.  First Geekoto 38W Ring Light Impressions

The ring light set came in a really big box with a lot of bubble wrap to protect the product which I liked. The stand for the light was in a smaller separate box that came in handy. When it was unpackaged, I found out that the light itself came with its own carrying case. I enjoyed that as it made it a lot easier to carry it. As for the…